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Industry Intelligence contains nine online modules, many of which are updated monthly, that provide access to relevant warehouse club data and information. Those nine modules include:

Reconnaissance - Understanding the competitive landscape in your category is critical to effectively prepare and sell club buyers. However, acquiring detailed category level information by visiting club locations is time consuming and expensive. Through reconnaissance, suppliers gain access to category level information. Once your category is included (click here for a current list), the complete category assortment will be updated in the database every five months. Click reconnaissance to view a short video.

Analytics - Let's pretend, in a month, you are presenting your new product to BJ’s and your sitting at your desk preparing for that meeting. You need to know BJ’s annual sales for the past five years, the number of locations it operates and the sales in your category. You can spend the next couple hours doing that research or just click on the analytics module and download the appropriate Excel file. Click analytics to view a short video.

Industry Snapshot - Your warehouse club team wants you to present a 30 minute overview on the current state of the warehouse club industry. Don’t spend the next two days putting together 40 slides. Click the industry snapshot module and download our 100-plus slide PowerPoint presentation on the warehouse club industry. These slides are not only updated twice a year but are formatted to be easily incorporated into your presentation. Click industry snapshot to view a short video.

Buying Strategies - Need an update on each club’s buying and merchandising strategy for a presentation? Access this module for concise reports on BJ's, Costco, PriceSmart and Sam's Club.

Program Development - This module provides access to the key issues a club buyer contemplates when deciding to purchase your product. Topics include packaging, pricing concepts, understanding club buyers, product distribution, coupons, product development, marketing money and what is a warehouse club.

Image Hub - This module offers access to our growing database of 7,500 plus JPG pictures accessed through keyword and category specific searches.

Club Guide - Access the valuable information and data in the Warehouse Club Industry Guide. All data is provided in Excel to easily cut/paste into your own documents.

Current Issue - As part of a paid Warehouse Club Focus subscription, this module enables subscribers to read and download the current issue in PDF format.

Archive/Research - This module provides access to every one of the 500 plus issues of Warehouse Club Focus through a keyword search and a PDF archive.

Industry Intelligence Access

  • Module Intelligence - Pay for one-year one-user access to one of six intelligence modules ($279 per module). Click the following module links to be taken directly to the order page: reconnaissance, analytics, industry snapshot, buyer strategies, program development and image hub. The current issue, club guide and archive/research modules are part of a Warehouse Club Focus subscription, a Warehouse Club Industry Guide order or an intelligence package.
  • Intelligence Packages - If you are interested in more than one module (and saving money per module), you can pay for one-year access to one of our four intelligence packages. Click intelligence package to view a PDF that explain the packages and the rates. Since each package has multiple access options, please Email or call (617-770-0102) to set up your company's intelligence package.
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